I have been a Springsteen fan for about as long as I have been an REM fan. I dont do a great deal of Springsteen coverart as it seems there is a great abundance of Springsteen Cover Artists out there.

There was a typo on some of the spines, these have since been fixed. If anyone has downloaded the old version with 'Harmony' on them please delete the ones you have and re-download.

UPDATE: I have added a new version of the Devil and Dust Covers. The new version is for the Dual cover cases that use an inlay design for both front and back, I have also included a couple of tray inlays with the tour dates on them. I've also cleaned up this section alot removing all links to individual covers, now you can only download ZIP files collections. This massively cuts down whats on the pages and hopefully make picking the right cover for you alot easier.