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My blog features design notes on the covers found on this site as well as general ramblings about REM.

ATS Bootleg Guide
A database of all shows on the tour and which ones have been recorded.
Cover Print Guide
A guide on how to best print the covers on this site, as well as software solutions to get the best results.
Collection of REM wallpapers based on the ATS cover designs. Have the show you attended on your desktop.
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List of a few of the fantastic REM websites found on the internet
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Now that we have enabled a rating system you'll be able to find out which cover are provng the most popular on this page

REM Links

Here are some useful links to some of the best REM sites on the web. A more extensive list can be found on the REM Links page. Click on site titles to load.

Link to
The largest community based REM discussion board in the world.

Link to Official REM site
The official REM band website.
Link to REM is on
A fan site from Poland which has always been one of the best.
Link to REM Timeline
The best source for information and concert dates and setlists.
Link to the Complete Lyrics Archive
As the name suggests a good place to find lyrics to any REM track.
Link to REM Collector
The best REM Trading forums on the web.

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This sections contains Covers for REM TV Documenataries and Media Performances that weren't filmed as part of a tour are are shot over a period of time.


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