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On the first anniverasry of this site I decided to keep a running site update list so people can instantly see all site alts such as new covers, altered covers and wallpapers., plus its a good record of how the site develops.

UPDATE: 2010-06-30: My poor neglected website, you'll get some attention soon.

UPDATE: 2009-04-08: I have added a few more MP3 previews to the Bootleg Guide. I will look into a new player as there are currently issues with the one I'm using. Song will play and stop when you first press the button, they will generally work on second try and play the full 45sec file.

UPDATE: 2009-04-05: As a test I've added a MP3 samples to both of the Manchester shows on the Accelerate Bootleg Guide page to see how it goes and am planning to add more for other shows.

UPDATE: 2009-04-04: Added screengrabs to three more DVD's thanks to Karin from Germany.

UPDATE: 2009-04-03: There are some new covers in development and a number of previews are up on murmurs. I have recently add more recordings to the Accelerate Bootleg guide, another new addition is preview images of the DVD's to give an indication of Quality.

UPDATE: 2009-03-09: A couple of new covers up (Luxembourg and Oslo) and hopefully more to come soon. There were so many boots from the last tour it been hard to keep up.

Main reason there have been few German cover is due to the lack of avaliable photos. If any has good quality shots (they have taken) from the german leg send me an email.

UPDATE: 2008-12-28: After a very busy Christmas at work and home I finally got around to posting the Hamburg CD and DVD cover.

UPDATE: 2008-11-01: Four cover covers posted, lots more in the works.

UPDATE: 2008-10-10: Multiple new covers have been posted in the last few weeks for the European Accelerate leg.

UPDATE: 2008-08-16: New cover up for Perugia. Changes made to Nyon inlay due to a couple of errors spotted by twenty-nine.

UPDATE: 2008-08-13: Have added a few new covers in the last week, including the first Europe Accelerate one for the Paleo Festival in Nyon, Switzerland. This keep the same basic design as the North American Series but with a few small text and colour changes.

Should be three move covers posted in the next few days including an inlay for Julien & Amande Nyon Recording, Verona, Washington DC and hopefully Denver.

UPDATE: 2008-07-10: Thank you to Andrzej Pec for pointing out a number of broken links, which have now been fixed. These included the Inlay for blegdave's 2008-06-18 - Philadelphia, as well as all files for Remer's 2005-06-19 - Ardgillan Castle.

UPDATE: 2008-07-05: Thanks to Sebastian Fransen for pointing out a big mistake on ALL the SXSW covers. I had the date listed as the 13th when it should be the 12th. All covers have been fixed and updated to v1.1.

Another correction, on the Accelerate bootleg guide I had 'T in the Park' listed as England instead of Scotland. Thanks to David Kelly for spotting that one.

More covers on the way, I think I have about 16 to do!!

UPDATE: 2008-06-25: Heres a link to my Accelerate Tour Stats. This page pull info from the database site I've been working on forever. In the final version you can clink on songs to get list of shows and other info. More Stats below.

UPDATE: 2008-06-23: Cover for the blegdave boot of Philadelphia added, again using photos from the show from Ultraviolet1.

UPDATE: 2008-06-22: I am putting the information from my long in development REM database site to some use. I've built a small tool so people can see what recordings have been made - check out the Accelerate Tour Guide. Feedback welcome here

Another tool that was created but I don't know how many people known about or use is the REM Concert Finder, this tool will let you put in a number of songs and it will tell you what shows match the list. On the final site it will have many more features.

UPDATE: 2008-06-21: Cover for Chris k 's Philadelphia Boot is up now. Cover for the other Philadelphia recording will be up soon, both use fantastic photos from Ultraviolet1.

UPDATE: 2008-06-19: New covers still on the way, they have been delayed by me trying to watch every game of Euro2008.

I have however updated UndercoverXP, the cover printing software on the Print Guide page to v1.19..check it out.

UPDATE: 2008-06-17: Added the Toronto cover a couple of days ago. Big thanks to Tony Ramayon for letting me use his amazing photos.

Tony is one of the talented people from the Toronto-based design and animation/motion graphics house Crush who where responsible for the Hollow Man videoclip.

Also fixed a type on the Chicago inlay (well spotted by David Thake), need to stop copying and pasting from the bootleg readme files theres always a typo or two. Make sure you download the new version, marked v1.2

More previews up on my blog and four new bootlegs have surfaced for the Accelerate tour so lots more covers to come in the next few days.

UPDATE: 2008-06-14: Number of updates

1. New cover for Chicago 2008-06-06 has been added which features great photos from Marcus Gilmer, you can check out more of his photos by following the link to his Flickr page.

2. The rating system has been fixed and is now working perfectly again so those who want to praise or bash my designs can by rating according, if you want to provide more detailed feedback:

3. I do actually have a blog that I'm trying to use more and have been posting designs to it. The Chicago design concept was posted a few days ago and the upcoming Toronto Design is there now if you want to check it out.

4. Again I want to take the opportunity to thank all the people that let me use their photos, Flickr has made it much easier to find great shots and everyone I contact has been helpful and supportive.

Lastly - Updates on all my REM sites have been rather slow lately this is due to a couple of things, just bought a first house (gulp!), Euro2008 is on with 2 games a day (yay!) plus the usual work and family commitments. I'm trying to keep up with all the Accelerate tour bootlegs that surface and have covers for not only Toronto on the way but Red Rocks as well.

UPDATE: 2008-06-06: A couple of errors have been pointed out, firstly Berkeley was misspelled on the Covers for both nights (thanks to Robin Felton). This has been fixed so download the new ones which are marked as v1.1. The second issue reported is that the link v2 of the Hollywood Bowl was linked to V4 (Thanks to Stephan Moellney). This to has been fixed.

UPDATE: 2008-06-04: Three Accelerate Shows have been added. Cover for the four surfaced recordings of the Hollywood Bowl show as well as one for each night of the Berkeley Shows.

It's a all new design for the US 2008 tour that was inspired by the lighting and set-design from the recent shows.

As always when I turn out this many covers so close together there are bound to be issues, so let mw know if there are any errors or problems.

UPDATE: 2008-04-16: Fixed 2 typos on the tracklist for the Royal Albert Hall Inlay (thanks to Javier for spotting).

Added a new Royal Albert Hall Inlay for Patrick's Audience recording.

UPDATE: 2008-04-11: Added Cover for Royal Albert Hall with 2 versions of the Inlay listed a different number of tracks depending on the split.

Also added a variant on the SXSW cover again with different tracklisting and a different cover for the neglected Mike Mills.

UPDATE: 2008-04-09: Added CD Cover SXSW 2008.

Also fixed a typo in the description on the Rolling Stone Inlay and DVD Cover. Please Download the new version and delete the old copies.

UPDATE: 2008-04-08: Just noticed a small typo in the show description of the Live Rolling Stone. This effects the DVD cover and CD inlay. Will fix and re-upload after work today. There new cover for another 2008 show posted tonight as well.

UPDATE: 2008-04-06: The rating system is currently down so adding ratings to covers wont work until it is fixed. Which will hopefully be soon.

Add a DVD and CD cover for MTV's Live at Rolling Stone. These covers are located in the new Accelerate section, which you can find a link to in the menu.

UPDATE: 2008-01-23: Well I think I've finally fixed the long broken Bruce Springsteen page. Its been broken since the overhaul a few months back.

Plus we finally have a new poll up!

UPDATE: 2008-01-08: Well the Dublin Grunge covers are finally up...and it umm only took 6 months.

UPDATE: 2008-01-03: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year all!.

After a long wait I've finally got around to working on some more cover, including the long awaited Grunge Versions of the Dublin Working Rehearsal shows. I have completed three covers of the five shows. So the covers should be up hopefully by the weekend.

So here's a preview of what being off working for a couple of weeks can do.

Click on the image to see larger version

You can keep an eye progress and follow development here

UPDATE: 2007-11-01: Well I thought I'd better post an update. I haven't forgotten about this site and the promised covers are still on the way.

My work has been insanely busy lately and sapping all my creativity and energy.

Also been spending my time on other projects like MURMURS redesign, and a couple if sites for friends The Cynical Traveller redesign and Your Movie Guru....and of course my never ending REMdb project.

With the new album almost done and the LIVE disc charting around the world I'm sure I'll get back into the covers soon...

UPDATE: 2007-08-14: For almost 2 years now I have been toiling away on another site, the REMdb project. Its not unlike many other REM database sites currently under development but hopefully mine will have some unique points of difference that will make it a valuable resources from fans and collectors. A couple of the reasons its taking me so long is, firstly the amount of raw data involved is staggering and secondly, before I started this project I knew absolutely no PHP or mySQL both vital elements to a site like this. So without a programmer to do it for me I had to look lots of stuff up and constantly annoy the programmer at my work with 'stupid' questions.

Well it still seems like the site is a long way off, as now that I have a grasp of what I'm doing I can see home much needs to be redone. One tool I developed on my site which was finished about 8 month ago was a 'Concert Finder/Identifier' and I thought it was a shame it wasn't being put to good use.

TheConcert Finder feature allows you to search all REM shows that contain the songs you input. This is extremely useful for such things as:

  • Finding your perfect REM show with all your favourite songs or
  • Identifying unlabeled or incorrectly dated bootlegs.

If you are using this page to identify a show there is a number of things you need to keep in mind:

  • Try and enter songs that show the greatest date range (for example if it is obviously a show from the green tour put in a song from 'Green' that was played but also the oldest song played like anything played from 'Murmur')
  • Include any odd or obscure songs as this narrows down the results greatly
  • Try to avoid entering songs like 'Losing My Religion' as it will appear in practically every performance from its release

Songs names entered are matched against those in the database (currently 1500+) because of this songs need to be entered with the exact names. Because of this the song entry fields will present the 10 closest items to what you have entered in a dropdown list from which you can select the song. Enter the first 3 letters from the song and then you should be able to select it from the dropdown list. Some problematic songs will be those that start with numbers which vary in representation (Seven Chinese Brothers, 1,000,000 etc) or songs that have bracked parts in the song's title (All The Way To Reno (You're Gonna Be A Star), (Don't Go Back To) Rockville etc).

The results will be a list of all shows that match the songs you have entered. The links to the show however has been removed for now until the show page have been completed. Hopefully that will be the next part of the site up. Until then you'll need to look the show up on REMtimeline or other sites.

Hope this tool proves useful. LINK

UPDATE: 2007-07-24: Been on a trip to Sydney for work for the last couple of days so progress on the grunge covers has been delayed.

UPDATE: 2007-07-21: Here we are, the sites back up again, and as you can see nothing has changed...well not really. A lot has changed just not alot of it is up front.

  • The mostof the site has been re-written and now uses 30% of the code it used to making it more efficient, faster and easier for me to manage.
  • I have intergrated my blog now so its not as much a seperate entity, and upfully will be updated more.
  • There is now a blog entry for all covers or in some cases cover set. This will allow greater feedback for the people who use this site. With each cover there is a 'Comment on this Cover' link, or you can click on the covers title to get to the covers blog/feedback page.
  • Lightbox Previews - You can now click on Cover preview images to get a popup larger view. This preview will overlay the site and you can click back or forward through all the covers in a section. This feature requires Java script enabled.
  • There is now a Top Ten Covers page based on the new rating system.
  • Many Design Tweaks

All the new features were tested on a beta version but problems will arrise so bear with me while any issues are ironed out.

UPDATE: 2007-07-19: As I've mentioned over the next few days I'll be making some site changes so some links or images might be dead.

Tomorrow the site will probably go down for an hour of two while I swap files over and test that everything works.

UPDATE: 2007-07-17: Seems the Dublin covers are getting a few hits. Some people are reporting inconsistencies on the spelling of the tracklistings. This is mainly down to the fact that tracklistings were copied out of the NFO from each bootleg release. Ill have a look at this and see if I can improve the consistency. Still working on the grunge versions and hope to have time to finish them on the weekend.

One of the concepts for the grunge version is featured with an artile about the REM Working Rehearsals over at online magazine FLAK

I've been working hard on some major changes to the site for the last month and these are almost ready to go live. Nothing fancy that you will notice up front, Lot of tweaks and code changes.

UPDATE: 2007-07-15: First set of Working Rehearsals has been posted. I have gone over them thoroughly, but when I do this many covers togther something usually slips through. Let me know if any issues are found. Grunge versions should be up in the next week for those wo want to hold of and grab them.

UPDATE: 2007-07-14: I worked up two concepts for the 'Working Rehearsal' shows and the Poll to see which one people liked over at Murmurs ended up 22 votes (78.57%) for the Grunge one and 6 votes (21.43%) for the clean ones.

I've decided to do both, I agree with everyone that the grunge style suits the whole 'relaxed style' of the rehearsal shows and these covers will be up soon. Even though they have a thrown together look it takes a lot more work so they don't just turn out a mess.

I will be posting the 'clean' versions tomorrow. The photos I got from Jane Macneil are so strong that they really work on just a black background with a more simple design. So the good thing is people will have a choice between to two.

UPDATE: 2007-06-02: Didn't take long for me to find a bug. Ratings and LightScribe labels are still enabled on all subpages, but have been disabled on the main page as they are displaying the wrong ratings so I have taken them off till it is fixed.

UPDATE: Seemed to have fixed this so everythings back up and running.

UPDATE: 2007-06-01: After a few months of near neglect I've been putting more time into my Cover site again. I'm plan to re-write most of the code so it loads faster, try and re-enable the guestbook (which was taken down due to spammers), and add a few more features.

This process has already begun with the addition of a cover rating system, displaying a score out of 10 at the base of the information of each cover. My biggest critic (my partner Fiona) has gone thru and had her say by rating all the covers to get it rolling. You can add your own input by rolling over these stars and adding your rating.

The other thing I have begun to add is some LightScribe labels. I'll try and get thru some of the older covers and opitimise them as well. Most of the cover in the Up Tour section have LightScribe labels. There is even a preview function that lets you see what the design will look like on the lightScribe discs of your choice.

Obviously with lots of code re-writes and new features things can go wrong so please let me know of any bugs you may see in the next few weeks

UPDATE: 2007-05-23: Made some small site mods today. Updated the neglected 'Coming Soon' list. Now it has all the ATS covers that I need to do on there. Main change is that I've included a poll just below this 'News' area. First poll is about Lightscribe so I can see if it worth pursuing posting LightScribe optimised covers.

UPDATE: 2007-05-22: I have playing around with the idea of adding more download options for the covers on my site. One of the first things Im looking at is LightScribe optimized labels.

LightScribe is a labelling technology developed by HP that utilises specially coated recordable CD and DVD media to produce laser-etched labels.

Below is a CD with one of the new UP labels optimised for LightScribe. I'll be posting more info soon.

UPDATE: 2007-05-21: Added six new covers for the 1999 UK Up tour shows recently seeded on DIME. Took a while to come up with a template that would work with a number of shows but final design was nice an versatile.

UPDATE: 2007-05-16: ERROR FIX! If you've already grabbed the Omni covers you may want to grab the 18th and 19th Inlays again as they had a small error on the back.

Originals had the 21 November on them on the back under the REM at the Omni logo. Corrected Versions have now been posted. Sorry for the inconvenience.

UPDATE: 2007-05-15: I've been playing round with a cover series for a number of UK UP shows from 1999 but am having trouble finding photos and working out colour variations.

So to help me clear my brain I started on something different, a set for the three Omni shows from the end of the 1995 Monster Tour. I have to say I'm extremely happy with the end result.

UPDATE: 2007-05-14: Added cover for the 2001 Rock in Rio show. Been attempting this one for a while but never could find a strong enough image for the front till now.

UPDATE: 2007-04-29: Finally added another cover, this one for the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame induction 2007. Went for an old school yearbook look. Might even have enough resources to do another 'Making of a Cover' as I did with the 1999 Slovenia DVD.

And even thou it was added almost 2 months ago I might as well mention I added another Around The Sun cover for Belfast - Northern Ireland. Slowly getting thru the leftover ATS covers

UPDATE: 2006-10-08: Hi Everyone. I know its been a while since I've posted new covers here.

Don't worry this site is not dead and I haven't forgotten about it and there are more covers in the works (Althou I must admit some have been in the works for a long time), and I hope to have some posted this week.

About a year ago I started a new REM project and i have been working on that a lot with sporadic enthusiasm, but its gained a lot of momentum in the last few months. This project is still a fair way off yet thou. But stayed tuned more cover and other resources for the trader community to come.

UPDATE: 2006-06-30: Sorry about the lack of new content but last saturday (24th June) my motherbaord decided to die. This was amazing timing due to the fact the previous day at work my OS corrupted and needed a reinstall, so it hasn't been the most productive week all round.

New motherboard has been order but its a socket that getting harder to find but hopefully will be back mid next week sometime.

UPDATE: 2006-06-19: Update in link section correcting that is a Danish website (not German).

Currently working on Covers from mothertapes release of the 2 Dublin 2005 shows. I hope to have them up soon, but that damn World Cup keeps getting in the way

UPDATE: 2006-05-26: Cleaned up the Springsteen Devils and Dust section even more. Seems it was hard to sort through all the versions of the covers so I've traied to make it as easy and obvious as possible.

UPDATE: 2006-05-25: Small site graphic alt. Changed to cover download buttons (thanks for the button design Julian)

UPDATE: 2006-05-24: After many requests the Springsteen Devil and Dust cover have been added with the inlay format for both front and back covers, which seems a popular choice of packaging in the US.

I've also cleaned up the Springsteen section. From now on you can download individual covers, just zip collection of sets. Means its alot easier to navigate and see whats there.

On the REM front I've added cover for 1989 LEAF Benefit DVD

UPDATE: 2006-05-03: Added cover for Oberhausen 1999 DVD

UPDATE: 2006-04-24: Added cover for MTV Unplugged 1991 DVD - Broadcast/HOJO version.

UPDATE: 2006-04-20: I have fixed a couple of broken links in the Bruce Springsteen set.

  • Trio Disc Collection Inlay Zip
  • Dual Disc Collection (CROPPED) Booklet Side 2 Zip

After a number request I will be expanding this set more. I will be doing an inlay cover for those people who used the Double width cases.

UPDATE: 2006-04-13: After many requests I've finally posted a cover for MTV Unplugged v2.0 DVD. This cover is for the Full Studio version with rRtakes and Outtakes. A CD cover for the same version is up as well.

This cover might not be what alot of people were expecting, I went down a more conceptual path than just a screengrab from the show.

A version for the Broadcast version will be up soon, as will a cover for the original 1991 Unplugged

UPDATE: 2006-04-08: Added Dual disc covers for the Springsteen "Love, Tears and Mystery" set. Also add the 2-3-3-3 cover set to match the groups originally released by Flynn.

So there are lots of covers there now, read carefully so you get the ones best for you.

I have so many files and variation now my brain is beginning to hurt. If you find any errors or omissions please drop me a note

UPDATE: 2006-04-05: Added cover for Koper Slovenia 1999 - DVD. A detailed look at how this cover was created added to blog.

UPDATE: 2006-04-02: Added cover for the ATS Loch Lomond show (2005-06-18)

FIXED - Small graphic error on Springsteen DnD Label vol.9

FIXED - Couple of small things on Dresden cover.

UPDATE: 2006-04-01: Added cover for the ATS Dresden show (2005-06-29), as well as three Dresden Wallpapers.

UPDATE: 2006-03-31: Have put cropped versions of all the DnD covers up as Zip archives. This is so people use use labelling software that automatically scales dont have to manually crop all the images. Think I've finally fixed all of the 'Harmony' versions

I have added the recently surfaced REM recordings of Loch Lomond (2005-06-18) and Dresden (2005-06-29) to the ATS Bookleg database.

UPDATE: 2006-03-30: The inlays for the Bruce Springsteen set has been taken down due to an error on the spine (thanks to the Andrea who reported it to me on the blog) I will fix them as soon as possible and get them back up.

UPDATE - DnD inlays are back up. I did fix them in a mad panic so I really hope I caught everything.

UPDATE: 2006-03-29: I have added the single disc edition coverart for Flynn's 2005 Love, Tears, and Mystery - Devils & Dust Tour Compilation in the new Bruce Springsteen section.

UPDATE: 2006-03-25: More design concepts up for the Springsteen Devils and Dust set at

Don't worry guys. More REM stuff soon!

UPDATE: 2006-03-23: Okay, while I wait to finish those MTV covers I thought I would go off the topic and design something non-REM.

I have always been a Springsteen fan and even got to see him on one of his rare visits to the Australian shores for the 'Rising' tour.

I recently got an amazing 11 CD compilation of the best of the 'Devils and Dust' tour and decided I wanted to do some covers for them. You can check out the early concepts on my much neglected blog. -

UPDATE: 2006-03-22: I've been working hard on a number of covers. I've almost completed a new series for various REM appearances on MTV specials, including both Unplugged shows in 1991 and 2001.

I'm extremely happy with the way the covers have turned out, but the hold up is I am waiting on permission to use a couple of stock photos and I can't post the covers on the site until I can get that sorted.

I'm really hoping to get it resolved soon as I get lots of requests for covers to the unplugged shows.

UPDATE: 2006-03-06: The site was originally design to host Covers to Live Bootleg shows and this has lead to issues with adding cover that arent of this type (like Documentaries etc). To better structure the site I have added 2 new sections and will add more soon. The two new sections are:

Media Performances - For Documentaries, Interviews and Media Shows

Dead Letter Office - For miscalenious Cover I couldn't find a place for elsewhere on the site

I plan to break the Classic Concert page up at some point into decades when there are more covers in there and it gets too big.

Another change is that I have added a ton of fields to the database so the infomation next to a cover if more versatile as well, once again it was design for Live Bootlegs but has now been altered so it is better suited to no tour events and also show more info about DVD's

UPDATE: 2006-03-04: Delay on the 'In the Sun' White Cover. All my resources fit a black cover but dont go as well. I have done a couple of designs and and currently not happy with the results.

UPDATE: 2006-03-03: Cover for Iconoclasts added to the newly created 'Media' section.

UPDATE: 2006-02-26: Added Warsaw 2003 DVD cover to Classics

UPDATE: 2006-02-17: Added 2 wallpapers that basically show what all the covers on RCS would look like if you have printed them all out and have them sitting on a shelf somewhere.

UPDATE: 2006-02-12: Fixed errors on Cologne 2001 CD Inlay and Imola DVD Label

UPDATE: 2006-02-12: Added CD Cover (Booklet - Black Version) for the Hurricane Katrina benefit single "In the Sun" featuring full credit and track listings.

UPDATE: 2006-02-11: Hyde Park CD Cover added as well as 4 great Hyde Park Wallpapers to celebrate the end of tour gig.

UPDATE: 2006-02-06: Glasgow and Ardgillan Castle Wallpapers added

UPDATE: 2006-02-04: Two new Ipswich downloads in the Wallpapers.

UPDATE: 2006-02-01: New covers added this week - Bonn 2005 (CD) - Ipswich 2005 (CD) - Belgrade 2005 (DVD) - St.Gallen 2005 (CD)

UPDATE: 2006-02-01: Belgrade is now also avaliable for download in the Wallpaper section.

UPDATE: 2006-02-01: Storytellers and Behind the Music added to 'Classic' section. I realised that once these two had left the mainpage they werent assigned to a section and so weren't avaliable for download anywhere on the site.

UPDATE: 2006-01-26: Well its a year ago since I got my domain and REM Cover Studio went from a small side project hosted on my girlfriends webspace into a serious website designed to be a resource for the REM community. The support has been fantastic with over 35,000 hits and some fantastic responses in the feedback section.

Working on this site has led me to do other REM projects like the 25th anniversary website design as well as REM merchandise design for Im current have a number of other projects in the works and all this has limited my time to create covers for this site. Don't worry there are plenty more covers to come.

Thanks to everyone who supported my site over the last year, especially those who have donated (you know who you are) you are all greatly appreciated and will ensure this site stays alive for another year.

Copyright REM Cover Studio 2005