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Under agreement with the REM Management Murmurs runs a file sharing network called GIA. Here you will find the FAQ on how it works.

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This page contains information regarding usage of the covers, the resources used in the design of the covers and REM management agreements regarding the trading of non-commercial REM material on Murmurs.

Copyright & Disclaimer

The artwork developed on REM Cover Studio is done in support of the GIA network on This work is not for commercial gain as it has been created for non-commercially available recordings. The artwork is therefore free for sharing within the REM community and is specifically non-profitable. This work is also not to be sold on Ebay or similar sites. If it is found to be used outside of these requirements further action will be taken.

The bootleg scene is based around fans of the band freely trading non-commercial works. Bootlegs should never be sold. If you love the band buy their official mechandise as it's well worth the money to support an amazing act that have given their fans so much over the years.


CONCERT PHOTOS - In most cases we have sort the permission to use the source material. Most images are from people who have gone to shows and taken shots and have posted them on Murmurs. These people are contacted and asked permission to use their photos. All photographers are acknowledged on this site and on the covers for their contribution. For older shows we try and use the official promo photos from around the time of the show.

The REM community has been of enormous support in the development of these covers. Without the continued input of fans sharing their photos and feedback with me, these unique designs would not be possible. Thank you to everyone who has contributed!

OTHER IMAGES - Basically all other non REM shots are sourced from free stock image and photo share sites such as Stock.XCHNG, a design resource I could not do without.

DISCLAIMER - If anyone believes that an image has been wrongfully used and therefore breeching copyright, your complaint will be acted upon immediately. If the complaint is valid the image with be removed from the site. I have done my best to provide interesting and dynamic images and have operated in an ethical manner to provide the best design compositions with often limiting material.

The Murmurs Give it Away network has taken a number of forms over the years but basically it is a system that allows REM fans to download non-commercial bootlegs legally.

History of Give It Away (GIA)

REM and Murmurs have had a long and fruitful relationship. The site is the primary meeting place for REM fans all around the world. It was for this reason REM extended the hand of friendship to Murmurs in 1999.

Although REM don't have an official bootleg policy they did agree to let Murmurs run a file sharing network that allows fans to trade in non-commercial works. This, needless to say, created the most valuable resource for an REM fan.

When GIA was started in 2002 it was revolutionary as it comprised of a WinMX and DC++ servers. These two services were closed down due to a number of factors. They were a hassle to maintain, content control was difficult exposing Murmurs to legal issues, they propagated bad mp3 encoding into the trading pool and used up a lot of the system resources. The technology GIA was running on was fast becoming outdated as users experienced long queues and slow transfer speeds.

GIA now consists of a BitTorrentTracker. Bit Torrent has fast become the most popular P2P network in the world. The new system also makes it possible to distribute DVD and other large format files that would have been impossible on the old system.

Below are a couple af articles praising the GIA network and the open thinking of the band and there management to provide a wealth of material to the Fans without losing any profit at all.

R.E.M. remain on the cutting edge in the digital age

If you're wondering how I've heard the as-yet-unreleased "Bad Day" — not to mention a live encore of the pre-Murmur demo "Permanent Vacation" that was just performed on their current tour, and many dozens of live rarities besides — it's because R.E.M. have quietly made themselves one of the most easily downloaded bands in rock. They've allowed an archive of rare recordings to be available on the Napster-style site WinMX. It takes a special log-in to get there, but the instructions are right on the R.E.M. fan site Once you're in, you can download virtually everything except the regular studio tracks: complete live shows from every era, shows from two weeks ago, the Paradise show from 1983, fan-club Christmas singles, even live material by bands that R.E.M. are either connected to or friends with (Wilco, Radiohead, Pearl Jam). Some bands have grudgingly endorsed downloading, and most jam bands allow taping and trading. But R.E.M. are giving away so much rare material - possibly pre-empting future live albums and limiting what will be available for any boxed sets - that it really is unprecedented.

Which is probably why, even though the site makes it clear that R.E.M. have given their blessing to the project, Buck and Mills both claim they don't know much about the arrangement. "I wouldn't exactly call it a blessing, but we're not going to sue over that kind of thing," says Buck. "We don't put out live albums, so we're fine with people getting whatever is available. "Adds Mills, "It was probably something I signed off on that I don't know much about. I don't mind file sharing in terms of getting that hard-to-find rare track, or the live song that you really want, just as long as it doesn't make people too cheap to buy the next album. And as long as they don't mind hearing the mistakes" In other words, through it all, R.E.M.'s maverick spirit has remained alive and well. I have a stack of freshly burned CDs to prove it.

The Tangled Web

SHARE IN THE PLACE WHERE YOU LIVE: The generally unpoliced wide world of peer-to-peer file sharing can seem overwhelming, especially for users sifting through services to find specific rare or live tracks by their favorite bands. Naturally, many services are chock-full of unlicensed music, continually drawing the ire of the recording industry. In a reaction to this, the online hubs of a few bands have put into motion artist-approved file-sharing services that take advantage of the technology by dealing in only legitimate or sanctioned trading of live concerts and rare recordings.

A prime example is the service run on R.E.M. fan site . "Give It Away," named after one of the band's songs, is a peer-to-peer network that uses WinMX software to connect R.E.M. fans and allow them to trade live and unreleased music by the pop/rock veterans. The service was launched in October 2001 and its creators say it averages about 170 gigabytes of regularly traded material.

R.E.M. has given its blessing to the service, says site founder Ethan Kaplan, on the condition that it is not used to transfer album tracks or official, label-released material. The Give It Away download page contains specific instructions on what is and is not allowed for sharing on the service. The only exceptions to the "officially released" rule are R.E.M. b-sides and fanclub singles, which "the band have given their permission to share on this service," reads the statement.

A crew of 15 moderators takes turns monitoring the service to ensure the rules are complied with, and they have the authority to ban any user who fails to follow the guidelines.

Now that R.E.M. has embarked on its first world tour in four years in Europe, Give It Away has become flooded with material, predominantly live concerts. Kaplan says the service, which didn't exist at the time of the band's last large-scale tour, is a useful tool for fans looking to get a taste of the group's current sound. Recordings from the tour opener in Utrecht, Holland, and the second show in Amsterdam were up on the network within a couple hours of the concerts. "I have a feeling that we'll be seeing this trend continue," Kaplan says.

Kaplan adds that R.E.M. guitarist Peter Buck, a noted record collector and bootleg aficionado, has gone on record applauding the service and the fact that it "cuts out the bootleg middleman." In other words, if his band isn't going to make money from concert recordings, he's glad that fans can get the music without a third party reaping profits.


What is a Bootleg Policy

An increasing number of bands are allowing fans to freely trade live recordings as a way of supporting their fan base. This is generally done with the understanding that no money changes hands in the trading of these recordings.

Many bands have what is known as a 'Bootleg Policy', noting what type of material the band has allows to be traded and the acceptable methods of trade to ensure nobody is making financial gain out of the trading. Most bands draw a clear line between trading commercial and non-commercial material and it is imperative that fans abide by the rules set down by the artist and be happy with the privileges granted and not to abuse it.

The seminal music group the Grateful Dead up until 1984 allowed recordings of their shows, although no official acknowledgment of this was made by the band or their management. After 1984 the band began to publicly acknowledge that they had no problem with bootlegs and people taping their shows. On the US congress Internet archive you can now download over 2800 Grateful Dead shows.

Some bands' policies are formally written up and posted on their official websites. Others are informal verbal contract between bands and fans, often delivered through fansites.

Some acts, like the Dave Matthews Bands are very pro recording as their ‘Bootleg Policy’ reflects.

"Dave Matthews Band allows audiotaping at almost every live performance. We feel that each show is unique and want to offer our fans the opportunity to recreate the live experience through the audio reproduction of our shows. At all taping authorized performances, tapers can tape from any ticketed seating location in the venue. Also, for many of these performances tapers are able to purchase tickets for a specially designated taper section, normally located immediately behind the soundboard. No soundboard or power feeds are provided.

Taping is limited to audio-only, using only microphones. Wireless receivers are strictly prohibited. We sincerely appreciate all of our fans, so we ask that you please be considerate of those around you by not obstructing anyone else's view of the performance."

Peter Buck has long been a collector of bootlegs and in a british interview in the mid 80s he even talked about which were the best REM bootlegs he found in the UK.

REM does not have an official Bootleg Policy. REM have more of a verbal agreement with Murmurs. As mentions in the above articles the band are aware of the service and are happy to allow fans to trade non commercial material mainly because it cuts out the middle man and the possibility of people exploiting fans to make money.

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