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A guide on how to best print the covers on this site, as well as software solutions to get the best results.
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The largest community based REM discussion board in the world.

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The official REM band website.
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A fan site from Poland which has always been one of the best.
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The best source for information and concert dates and setlists.
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As the name suggests a good place to find lyrics to any REM track.
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It is extremely difficult to write a definitive guide to printing these covers. This is due to the fact that people use a wide variety of software to print with and output on a range of printers. The aim of this guide then is to provide as much information as possible so no matter what software or equipment you use you will have the knowledge to obtain the best result.

Cover Dimensions

COVER - CD covers are 120mm x 120mm with 5mm of bleed around the image, making the physical size of the image 130mm x 130mm at a resolution of 200dpi (older covers are 150dpi). For full cover dimensions see diagram below.

INLAY - The inlay is 150mm x 117mm with 5mm of bleed around the image, making the physical size of the image 160mm x 127mm at a resolution of 200dpi (older covers are 150dpi). For full inlay dimensions see diagram below.

LABELS - Labels vary greatly depending on the labelling product or print method used. Due to this, labels are covered in more detail HERE.

Glossary of Terms
  Crop Marks - Lines near the margins of artwork or photos indicating where to cut, perforate, or fold. Since a number of the covers on this site have white borders iIt is important to indicate where to trim the covers from the printed sheet.

  Bleed - Where an image or coloured backbround runs up to the edge of a page there is the chance that a white edge may show if the image is not cropped correctly. To prevent this you make the colour or image larger that the cropped area, this extra image is called the bleed.

  DPI (Resolution) - This is an abbreviation for dots per inch, a measurement of print image resolution and quality. A larger number of dots allows for more detail and therefore a higher resolution image. The higher the DPI the greater the detail and the larger the file size. Computer screens display all data at 72dpi so an image 20cm by 20cm at 72dpi will be smaller on a computer screen than a 300dpi image of the same dimension although both will print the same same size with the 300dpi version being better quality.

  GSM (Paper Weight) - The weight of metric paper is given in grams per square metre (gsm). By definition, one square meter is one A0 size sheet or 16 A4 size sheets.

Undercover XP

UndercoverXP is a free windows program to easily print CD covers. It supports JPEG, Gif, PNG and Bmp formats and can automatically scale front covers, back covers, front + inside, inlays, DVD Boxes, Playstation covers and Pressit / CoolBela LD001 CD labels to the correct sizes. Other types can be easily added via a configuration file. Currently 20 language files are available and more to come.


Download, unzip and install UndercoverXP. After installation is complete download extraxt the rar file to somewhere logical where you'll be able to find it. Open up the folder and run UnderCoverXP.exe. This will load the program, it should open up with the RCS settings loaded into the dropdown menus.



Printing Covers with UndercoverXP

Step 1 - Start by clicking in the white panel on the left. A dialog box will appear asking you to select the file you wish to load. Select the Cover you wish to print. The cover will now load onto the page.

Step 2 – Above the left panel, select the fourth radial button. From the adjacent drop down menu select 'REM Cover Studio Front'. The cover on the page will now be scaled to the correct size to allow for the bleed and crop marks.

Step 3 - Repeat steps 1 & 2 with the right hand page. This time selecting the matching inlay and from the drop down menu selecting 'REM Cover Studio Inlay'.

Step 4 - If you want you can turn on the "Draw Cut/ Fold Lines". This will add extended crop marks to the covers.


  Step 4 - If you wish to save paper the tickbox circled in the diagram above will move both the cover and the inlay onto the left hand side so both can be printed on the one sheet of paper.


Undercover XP Local Download (RAR) - UndercoverXP (868kb - v1.19)

Undercover XP Homepage -

Labels (let's call a sticker a sticker)

The printing of labels is a very difficult topic to tackle because of the products and labelling methods available. There are many labelling kits on the market each with there own templates. There are a wide variety of label sizes. There are printers on the market which allow for direct cd printing. All of these issues and more complicate any kind of stream lined discussion about how any one person prints their labels.

The labels on this site are provided with a generous amount of bleed to ensure the entire sticker is printed no matter what size the stickers are and to prevent white edges. Due to the varying sizes of labels we make sure that all the text is positioned well inside the print safe area. As long as the design is centred to the sticker the design will print perfectly.

UndercoverXP, the program provided above, comes with templates for a wide range of labelling products. We are currently working on updating our dat files so that our labels will print in accordance with these products.

  PC World Article - Is Labeling Software Worth the Hassle?

  We are always trying to make it easier for people to print the covers provided. Currently we are looking at how to make CoverXP more compatible as well. It seems that this program is also in wide use. Keep checking this page for setting updates for UndercoverXP as well as other guides, software and tips for printing REM covers.

Copyright REM Cover Studio 2005