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Cover: 2008-06-18 – Philadelphia – blegdave boot

Cover for the blegdave boot of Philadelphia added, again using photos from the show from Ultraviolet1.


Cover: 2008-06-18 – Philadelphia – Chris K Boot


Cover: 2008-06-01 – Berkeley – Fuman Boot

Had some nices images still for Berkeley so I did different front and inlay for the Fuman recording, labels are the same. Should be on the site for download in the next day or so.


Cover: 2008-06-08 – Toronto

Took a while to decide this one, had the two Photos picked out I wanted to use, both worked great on Inlay and cover it was just which would end up where. Files should be up tomorrow. The deciding  factor was the shot that is now on the front was too busy for the back which you have to be careful with so not to clash with the tracklisting text.


Cover: 2008-06-06 – Chicago

Cover, Inlay and Disc 1 photos with great thanks to Marcus Gilmer.

Disc 2 photo with great thanks to Chris Sikich.


Cover: 2008-06-01 – Berkeley Night 2


Cover: 2008-05-31 – Berkeley Night 1

The cover picture for this design changed , mainly due to the fact I  ended up using a better picture of Peter on the Second night cover.


Cover: 2008-05-29 – Hollywood Bowl


Cover: Rolling Stone Italy 2008


Concept Diary: Working Rehearsals (Grunge)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year all!.

After a long wait I’ve finally got around to working on some more cover, including the long awaited Grunge Versions of the Dublin Working Rehearsal shows. I have completed three covers of the five shows. So the covers should be up hopefully by the weekend.

So here’s a preview of what being off working for a couple of weeks can do.

PRE-HISTORY – In the week after the Dublin shows I started work on concepts for the cover. Originally I had a grunge theme in mind to match the free form unstructured feel of the shows. While looking for suitable show photos for the project I can across Jane Macneil’s images on her flickr page. They where amazing minimalistic photos, the majority of which were the band members on a black background and this lead me to the idea of the clean version. And with this new inspiration I completed the Clean Version. Its then hard to redo a cover you’ve completed so I lack of motivation stalled work on the grunge versions. I’d promised people that it would be the next cover’s I posted so work on other projects came to a halt as well. Then there was much playing of Battlefield 2 and Call of Duty 4, then there was work, and Christmas etc etc.

Before I go any further I’d like to thank some of the folks that provided resources for this project. Without the work of these people, the free cover I create would not be possible.

Firstly I’d like to again thank Jane Macneil for the great photos from the Dublin shows, not only did she get amazing photos but she was more than happy to let me use them on multiple designs.

Secondly I’d like to acknowledge the DeviantArt Texture group Resurgere for the fantastic resources they provide to non-commercial projects like mine. Click on the logo below to view more of there work.

Below is the Resurgere texture used as the base for the Dublin Grunge design.

Other resources used for this project was a set of Photoshop brushes called BrushPack01 by Ariel Gualtruzzi. You can see the two brushes used to create the photo backgrounds to the right of the image below.

The two typefaces used in the design are Steak by Last Soundtrack and Qlassik by Dimitri Castrique.

Here is the current concept of the five cover designs

UPDATE 01 – Since the shows were identified by either their date or by which night of the 5 shows it was, I decided to play around with sticker labels that indicated the which of the five nights the cover was for. I’m not currently sure if this adds or subtracts from the overall design.

I think the sticker will go. I like the idea but think I might use it on a cover down the track.

UPDATE 02 – The other element I’ve been toying with on this design is a barcode. Why? you may ask, as this is not a commercial project, and wont be sold in any store. And I think the answer I have to give is… conditioning. When I look at my cover they seem incomplete and missing something and I think it’s because when I look at commercial covers they all have barcodes. Even though it’s not needed I’m toying with the idea of throwing one in but it could be just a passing phase.

UPDATE 03 – Another update and we are getting closer. Heres a preview of all the covers, labels and inlays…not long now 🙂