Cover: Working Rehearsals (Clean)

R.E.M took up residency at the legendary Olympia Theatre in Dublin for a five-night “Working Rehearsal.” The shows occured on June 30th, July 1st, July 3rd, July 4th, and July 5th. R.E.M. begins work on their next record later this spring with producer Jacknife Lee who has produced records for U2, Snow Patrol, Bloc Party and Aqualung. The five shows showcased songs from the forthcoming spring recording sessions with Lee, and, as such, will be a rare opportunity for the band to play new material for a live audience before the tracks appear on the band’s 14th record. Lee, who met with the band in Athens in February, calls R.E.M.’s new material “some of their most exciting and visceral yet.”

I worked up two concepts for the ‘Working Rehearsal’ shows and the Poll to see which one people liked over at Murmurs ended up 22 votes (78.57%) for the Grunge one and 6 votes (21.43%) for the clean ones.I’ve decided to do both, I agree with everyone that the grunge style suits the whole ‘relaxed style’ of the rehearsal shows and these covers will be up soon. Even though they have a thrown together look it takes a lot more work so they don’t just turn out a mess.

The photos I got from Jane Macneil are so strong that they really work on just a black background with a more simple design. So the good thing is people will have a choice between to two.

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